Boiler Maintenance

Did you know that for your boiler whether Gas or Oil fired to run efficiently it requires annual service and maintenance this also is a stipulation of the manufacturer’s warranty

Here at Lee Pickering Gas & Heating Ltd we offer a full and comprehensive annual service, by using flue gas combustion analysers we are able to make sure your boiler is running not only efficiently but also safely. Upon completion of work you will be left with a Gas Safe certificate detailing all results of work carried out for your records.

Debris removed from heating system during flush


Does your heating system have any of the following symptoms:-

  • The boiler is banging or noisy
  • The radiators and other parts of the system are leaking
  • It takes a long time for the system to warm up
  • The radiators have cool or cold spots at the bottom and in the middle
  • Radiators need regular bleeding of accumulated air.
  • Pump and part failures.
  • Dirty bleed water when venting radiators.

If so then your heating system could benefit from a Powerflush.

Here at Lee Pickering Gas & Heating we use the latest Kamco magnetic and vibration technology along with industry proven chemicals to loosen and remove dirt and sludge from your system. Upon completion of the treatment a Magnaclean filter will be fitted and the system dosed with the correct corrosion inhibitor for future protection.

So to save up to 25% on your heating bills contact us today for a free no obligation quote.